Guest Blog: Finding the Cure to Your Adult Acne

by Therese Prentice on November 14, 2012

A Holistic Approach

As a woman in her early 40s, I’ve had to deal with acne beyond the occasional hormonal-based, flare-up. It all started in my late 30s. My persistent acne was triggered after a severe case of anemia and the birth control pills prescribed by my doctor. In any case, my skin went berserk!

 Holistic Approach Guest Blog: Finding the Cure to Your Adult Acne

I spent years trying to get it back under control, through purchasing the most expensive, and also the most natural skin care lines I could find. I also received treatments from estheticians, including peels, which didn’t help much in controlling the breakouts nor fading the dark spots left behind. Nothing worked!

It wasn’t until I stumbled across several holistic approaches in late 2011, that I began to repair the years of breakouts and scarring that my skin went through. In addition to avoiding dairy products and gluten as much as possible, I developed a system that is working wonders for my skin. And, while my skin isn’t perfect (yet), I’m on my way to having flawless skin through my approach to skin care.

Of course we all know that acne doesn’t start on the surface of your skin. And, it doesn’t matter what the dermatologists tell you, what you eat does affect your skin. Come on…who do they think they’re fooling!

So, if we know that outside beauty begins within, the most obvious thing for us to do is to monitor our food intake. Like I stated above, I began to notice less breakouts when I started eating less dairy. I have not completely eliminated dairy, but I choose to say no to it as much as possible. I prefer goat cheese anyway. =}

In addition, I control my gluten intake. Not only does it help my skin, it definitely helps my gut…way less bloating. Other habits that I’ve adopted over time are I drink mostly water (this is new for me) and I only eat fish, some chicken, and some turkey (which I’ve been doing since the age of 19). In the near future, I will probably embrace being a pescatarian.

The dietary steps I’ve taken have, without a doubt, helped my skin tremendously. However, I wanted to add icing to the cake with my skin care by taking a holistic approach with it as well.

So, I researched homeopathic, along with chinese medicine and ayurvedic approaches to skin care to complete how I’ll take care of my skin for the rest of my life. Here are my additional steps, combining all three:

Keep my gut clean: that means making sure my colon is functioning properly through colon cleansing and using probiotics to keep my tummy happy. I’m working to eliminate sugar in my diet (controlling candida), which is a little tough for me. Also, I keep fried foods to a minimum. I’m not perfect in my eating, but I am working toward what I consider a perfect diet for me. This means lots of veggies and fruit.

Yin vs. Yang: I’m Yin, based on chinese medicine standards. So, I try to avoid foods that are too cold or damp. I know I’ll never be a total raw foodist because I would never last…believe me, I’ve tried.

No toxins on my body: I avoid toxic skin products, meaning no parabens, no petrolatum, no talc, no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, and no surfactants. This list grows. For me, the fewer ingredients in a product, the better.

Take time to just be: Okay, I’m still working on taking time to be quiet and still through yoga, breathing, meditation (transcendental), and other meditative forms of exercise.

Release the negative: I’m a work-in-progress on this one, too. But, I’ve learned holding onto the negative only keeps me stuck and is disadvantageous to my health. So, I’m learning to move on.

Make sure I’m minerally-balanced: I stay on schedule taking my supplements, as needed. I’ve also included blackstrap molasses and beets to keep my iron levels up.

Use oil for my combination skin: This is a homeopathic approach and helps to keep the oil production in my skin under control. But, you have to use the right oils, in order to keep breakouts at bay. Try rice bran or kukui nut as a moisturizer.

Exfoliate, but don’t scrub: I exfoliate my skin regularly by using natural clays and fruit powders. I never scrub. I never want to inflame my skin.

On another note, face mapping (which originated with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine) has become a popular tool to determine the underlining causes of breakouts. I’ve included a quick outline of the organs corresponding to each area of the face:

Forehead: gallbladder and liver
Third eye (between the eyes): stomach and liver
Brow line or temples: kidneys
Under eye area: stomach, kidneys and liver
Bridge of nose or upper cheeks: heart
Mid cheeks: lungs and stomach
Lower cheeks: stomach and liver
Around or on the mouth: stomach
Jawline: ovaries or colon
Lymph nodes: usually linked to stress

For more information on face mapping, please visit

These are my tips and are not meant to replace a doctor’s advice. For more comprehensive guidelines, you can schedule a consultation here
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